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Hi! My name is Anna Winter. You guessed correctly - I write books. Well, seven of them the same time ...big fat ones. I know, I know, I should have tried to do it the easy way one by one, hundred pages each. The problem is - my brain is not wired that way. I like things big and complicated. Harry Potter, the Culture Series (I. Banks), the Otherland Series (T. Williams), The Game of Thrones, the Vorkosigan Saga - you get the idea.

So I am writing an epic-like series called Multiverse Time Travel Institute. It's a mix of science fiction, boarding school and coming of age genres. Click on Books if you are eager to know more. Click here to read an excerpt.

This project has taken me a long time, because: A. It's an awful lot of work producing hundreds of pages of (good!) read; B. I am the kind of writer who needs to structure the plot in great detail before doing the actual writing. Which means I have to outline all seven books and figure out gazillion of points. (On the positive side - all writing gurus agree that good structure makes for good books :-) )

Okay, I haven't finished the first book (Carmine) yet, but it's getting pretty darn close. My publishing consultant thinks that I have a good fighting chance at making it a bestseller. (I trust her. She knows her stuff.) The problem is - the publishing industry is having a hard time adjusting to the rapid technological changes. Publishers are fighting with Amazon and other big e-books players, which is understandable. What I don't like - they often are trying to fix their problems at the expense of readers and writers.

You don't want to know all the ugly details (If you do - let me know. I'll gladly tell you.) My punchline is - I have decided to self-publish my first book in e-form. That way nobody will charge my readers $15 for an e-book even though I want to sell it for $5 or even less. (I strongly believe that e-books controlled by traditional publishers are overpriced. I mean, come on! I want young people to read my books. For them, $15 is a lot of money.)

I plan to add paper books as soon as I can, but first I have to acquire my audience. The good news - everybody likes my writing (so far). The bad news - it's hard to get noticed in an ocean of books. (By the way - traditional publishers promote only their high-profile authors these days. New writers have to shoulder the expense and burden themselves.) That's the reason I am starting to work on my 'social media presence' before my first book is even done. It takes time to spread the word. (My publishing consultant is breathing down my neck. She refused to talk to me again until I create a website, FB fan page, an author profile on Goodreads and a bunch of other things!)

If you read this far - you might be a truly interested reader! You definitely qualify for a free download of the first part of Carmine. Yay! Please do just one more thing. Leave your email address on that thing in the top right corner of the page. Well, just click here. I swear, I am not one of those sleazy individuals who'll start bombarding you with spam and share or sell your address. All I want is to let you know when the free downloads are available. (I expect it'll happen some time late 2016.)

If you really want to help - please check my Facebook fan page and give me that thumbs up thing. It seems trivial but it does improve author visibility. Come back from time to time for the updates, okay?

Thank you so much!!! Hope you'll enjoy my books. A lot.